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Police staked out the house where he was staying, slowly rolled up on Fair and reportedly pointed guns at his chest. Brian Coats, who led the investigation into Jinagas murder as a detective 13 years ago. Source. I think that was the biggest reasonable doubt and no one could eliminate him [as the killer], the juror said of the neighbor. Coats and another Redmond detective confronted the neighbor about his calls to Jinaga, but then released him and returned his phone without examining it. Potts covered for Fair because he had a warrant out for not updating his address with his parole officer. His first trial, in 2017, ended in a hung jury because one juror said Fair looked like a thug with tattoos on his hands. The jury in the second trial acquitted him. All the while, Fair, whose family was unable to foot his seven-figure bail, said he had faith he would one day walk away free from a charge alleging he murdered Arpana Jinaga, 24, in her. Fair met Jinaga hours before she was killed at a Halloween party in her apartment complex. Police attempted to identify the partygoers and interview them. He was convicted of third-degree rape in 2004. I lost a lot. Jinaga showed Fair and other partygoers something on her computer on another occasion. He had a prior history of violent sexual crimes. Jinaga was sprawled on the floor in her bedroom, bloody, naked, and drenched in bleach, toilet bowl cleaner, and motor oil. When youre in jail, you dont have a holiday. Jinagas father had asked a family friend to check in on her after she missed scheduled calls with family from India. When Johnson was interviewed by police on Nov 3 and 5th, he was noticeably limping with elbow and knee issues, but claimed it was due to an arm wrestling incident. The party lasted until the early hours. On Oct. 30, 2010, Fair was placed in a Seattle holding cell while detectives gathered more evidence against him for the 2008 sexual assault and murder of a 24-year-old software engineer and Indian immigrant named Arpana Jinaga. Residents said Fair appeared relaxed when he hung out at Potts apartment for three days over the weekend. Poor victim was surrounded by shady people it seems. Jinaga's killer had clearly gone to great lengths to destroy any biological traces linking him to the crime scene. We found [Fair] not guilty because of reasonable doubt, not because we thought he was completely innocent., The Seattle Times closes comments on particularly sensitive stories. During the trials, the neighbor, whom prosecutors at one point granted immunity for information, invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. The court documents detail negligence by detectives and the outsourcing of a famous psychic medium to opine on the case. Jinagas naked body was discovered by a close friend and an immediate neighbor in her home on Nov. 1, 2008. The lawsuit alleges that the department hired famous psychic medium Allison DuBois to help with the investigation around the time Fair was identified as the main suspect. Fairs lawsuit cites a comment Coats made during his interview for the Suspect podcast that Fair was the only African American at the party in the photos. He also drove to Canada the day of the murder and attempted to cross the border without a passport. Now working a security job and living with friends in Renton, he said hes often depressed, carries guilt for a younger brothers emotional troubles and avoids going out. The lab technicians simply could not exclude Fair as a match, and his DNA was found alongside other DNA matches. I just want to be myself., The Seattle Times closes comments on particularly sensitive stories. When residents of the Valley View Apartments in Redmond, Wash., decided to host a Halloween party nearly 13 years ago, nobody expected that it would end with murder. Arpana Jinaga was a 24-year-old computer programmer, who had moved to the Pacific Northwest in March of 2008. As a teenager, Jinaga won a top prize in an international computer programming competition. To pass time, he said he read books, wrote letters and drew pictures. It is reported in Seattle Times that a third male's DNA was found on the bootlace, but it is not reported as such in the court documents. She had a keen interest in engineering and won several innovation competitions. In addition, several neighbors in the complex told investigators that he had a sexual attraction to Jinaga, and he exhibited jealous behavior when she talked to other men at the Halloween party that night. I may be misremembering but I seem to remember there being explanations for Fairs DNA on those items? We were limited in the way we were able to argue the case and we have to live with that We try cases and we accept we have to prove everything beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecutors office told Rolling Stone: We look forward to addressing these allegations in a public courtroom; we stand by our case., Fair said that he was reluctant to file the lawsuit at first because Jinagas family still hasnt gotten justice: theres no resolution for this case, no resolution for her.. Indian immigrant and recent college graduate Arpana Jinaga was found brutally murdered in her Washington State apartment after co-hosting a Halloween costume party at her complex the evening of Oct. 31, 2008. In my opinion, and in my heart, I dont have any question about anything we did in regards to charging that Emanuel Fair killed Arpana Jinaga, she said. The officers allegedly did not change gloves between evidence collections, or between rooms or locations. At one time, Emanuel Fair was the longest-serving inmate in the King County Jail, spending nine years behind bars without being convicted of a crime. This is the last known independent witness sighting of the pair. .but he doesnt mention it? A recent immigrant from India and a graduate of Rutgers University, Jinaga had worked at EMC in Bellevue. Contribute to Atlanta Black Star today and help us share our narratives. Larson, the chief criminal deputy prosecutor, noted Fairs DNA was found on Jinagas neck, a piece of duct tape used to gag her, a piece of toilet paper or paper towel found at the crime scene, and was mixed with Jinagas blood on a robe found in the apartment buildings trash bin. but Im not free.. Want to keep up with the latest crime coverage? Shed been gagged, beaten and strangled during an apparent sexual attack. Fair, a guest of another woman living in the building, met Jinaga and her neighbor that night. Brian Bundridge was in a motorcycle club with Jinaga. A few guests got rowdy, arguments broke out and a couple of people were asked to leave. The officers allegedly did not change gloves between evidence collections, or between rooms or locations. I felt like I was kidnapped, Fair said in last months interview, when explaining his decision to pursue his claims of negligence, civil rights violations and malicious prosecution. Ehlert, in the 2020 interview, noted prosecutors were barred from including some key evidence at trial: Fairs past convictions and the possibility that he and the neighbor acted together in Jinagas killing because there wasnt evidence to support that theory a decision upheld by the state Court of Appeals after Fairs first trial. Fair filed a lawsuit against King County, Redmond, the Redmond Police Department and the lead detective on Dec. 29. The neighbor, who later hired a lawyer and stopped cooperating, subsequently scrubbed his phone of call and text data, the suit states. Detectives relied on her to help them find Jinagas missing phone and camera and consulted her about the potential of Fair as a suspect, the lawsuit says. 14 years ago. Theyre still crying about it 10 years later and they will be for the rest of their lives because it was such a horrible thing.. After a background check revealed Fairs criminal record, including a third-degree child rape conviction, Fair quickly became the new prime suspect despite leads about the neighbor and other viable suspects, the suit states. "Choices that, once made, are difficult to reverse.". I didnt know how to answer, so I just told her the truth: Im depressed. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Her fingers and nails were cleaned and then covered in toilet bowl cleaner, and there was a heavy scent of bleach throughout the house. There was forced entry into Jinaga's second-story apartment, signs of trauma to Jinaga and the apartment was in disarray. Im out, Fair said. According to court documents, Johnson called Jinaga around 3 a.m. but did not mention that to the police during his interview. Suspect premieres Aug. 17 on Wondery+ and Aug. 31 wherever podcasts are streamed. It was a brutal scene. When contacted by police, Leslie Potts falsely claimed that she was alone, even though Emanuel Fair was staying with her. Johnson said he heard moaning sounds coming from Jinagas apartment around 3 a.m., and he assumed she was having sex. Fair said the lawsuit, obtained by Atlanta Black Star, is the closest thing to justice I can get.. Jinaga and other tenants he hadnt met were co-hosting a large Halloween party in several units. Some guests were rowdy, but nothing out of the ordinary, it says. Gifts processed in this system are not tax deductible, but are predominately used to help meet the local financial requirements needed to receive national matching-grant funds. Investigators said the lower half of the womans body was covered in motor oil. Another apartment complex resident committed suicide just days after Jinagas death, and his DNA was reportedly never compared to the crime scene. Fair was staying with his friend Leslie Potts on Oct. 31, 2008, in Valley View Apartments when he attended the party that Potts and other neighbors organized. They also waited days to search a dumpster in the complex where a partial bottle of motor oil, a boot lace used to strangle Jinaga and her bed sheet and a bath robe were found. She had been brutally beaten, raped, and strangled. His first trial, in 2017, ended in a hung jury because one juror said Fair looked like a thug with tattoos on his hands. The jury in the second trial acquitted him. As a man who was incarcerated and released but not convicted, Fair left jail without the support and resources typically offered to exonerated people or parolees, such as job support and mental health services. The damage from that can be quite minimal and close to the floor with the door discreetly closed on departure, you might not notice unless you looked for it. After the jury in his first trial deadlocked in 2017, King County prosecutors tried Fair again in 2019. If you have probable cause, you dont go to a psychic, he said. At approximately 8 am, Jinaga's next-door neighbor Kyle Rose, was awakened by sounds coming from her apartment. However, when Fair emerged as a suspect, his treatment can only be viewed as racial discrimination, his attorneys allege. After a background check revealed Fairs criminal record, including a third-degree child rape conviction, Fair quickly became the new prime suspect despite leads about the neighbor and other viable suspects, the suit states. The county, police department and Coats filed a response to Fairs initial complaint refuting the claims. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. A suspect is identified, arrested, and convicted, but this morphed into a greater mystery when journalists began investigating the case years later. Fair was initially arrested for not updating his address with his probation officer. The Wondery true-crime podcast Suspect centers on the murder of Arpana Jinaga as well as the trials of the wrongly imprisoned Emanuel Fair, who spent years in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Most of Fairs jail term was spent away from the general population in administrative segregation essentially, solitary confinement. However, phone records show that he was making many phone calls between 2am and 5am, including to Potts. A man by the name of Emanuel Fair was arrested in connection with her murder, but he has since been found not guilty of the crime. Legal Expert Weighs In, Idaho Murder Victims' Families React to Suspect's Arrest: 'Such a Blessing and Relief', 'She Had No Idea': Sister of Idaho Victim Reacts to Claim that Suspect's Phone Pinged Near House 12 Times, Parents Charged with Murder After 4-Year-Old Son Dies from Alleged 'Exorcisms', Idaho Killings: Surviving Roommate Saw Alleged Killer Wearing Black Clothes and a Mask, Affidavit Says. Most of the partygoers reportedly referred to the chocolate-skinned man as the Black guy in his police file. He told detectives he had a desire to explore. Canadian officials said Johnson tried to blow through the gates. To contaminate evidence, Jinagas hands had been doused in blue toilet-bowl cleaner and her body covered in motor oil. Unidentified male DNA was also found on a bruise on Jinagas wrist. DNA found at the crime scene was ultimately linked to three men, but only one was charged with murder. "It's a series about cutting-edge science and mislaid justice, race and policing, and the kinds of weighty choices that cops and prosecutors make every day," Wondery states in a release. This is only a fraction of the evidence exonerating Emanuel which was wide-ranging and persuasive. Fairs lawsuit includes many of the same facts that his public defender, Ben Goldsmith, used to poke holes in the prosecutions criminal case. On Halloween 2008, Jinaga and several of her neighbors at the Valley View Apartments threw a large Halloween party, with guests moving between their units. It seems odd to me that the killer(s) would go to such extremes to cover up DNA on her body and in her apartment with the motor oil and toilet bowl cleaner and bleach etc. Brian Coats, who led the investigation into Jinagas murder as a detective 13 years ago. I just dont want to be around nobody, he said. Police let Johnson go after his questioning. Host Matthew Shaer and and reporter Eric Benson go to the scene of the crime in an effort to discover if police identified the right suspect. His DNA was also found, he was sexually interested in her, called her around 3am and said oh crap when caught in the lie, also matched the description of the guy seen at her door at 3am. There was DNA from 2-3 males found at the crime scene. As the fact that Fair was the only black African American at the party and involved in this case, some are also accusing racial discrimination. Coats is now a captain in the department. Fair said the lawsuit, obtained by Atlanta Black Star, is the closest thing to justice I can get.. They also failed to look for evidence of a missing bootlace. Arpana Jinaga. Shed been gagged, beaten and strangled during an apparent sexual attack. He scrubbed his phone right after the interrogation, the lawsuit says. The Mysterious Death of a Young Mom Found Unresponsive in Her Bathtub, Inside the Case Against Bryan Kohberger: Legal Experts Weigh in on Idaho Murders, Will Bryan Kohberger Face Death Penalty if Convicted of Idaho Murders? Fairs attorneys contend that some of the DNA evidence was not an exact match. She had it all going on, Coats said. My guess would be drugs. His attorneys allege Fair was isolated as the main suspect for her murder because of his race and his past criminal record. Her father, a head professor of engineering in India, encouraged he to move to the US to attend Rutgers University. The result, it claims, was a biased probe that caused Fair to be arrested and charged without probable cause for a murder he did not commit.. Atlanta Black Star is a narrative company. And thats hard.. I just want to be myself.. The lawsuit also says Fair threw garbage in the dumpster where the robe and other items were found while helping with party clean up. Court files said there were also burn marks from an attempt to set the body or apartment on fire. There were also other men in Jinagas life that detectives suspected of the murder, and some of their DNA was found at the crime scene.

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