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John is likely writing both to call unbelievers to faith in Jesus and to provide confidence for those believers who are struggling in their faith. They frequently sought honor and promotions; a few even became senators. James Edwards says it well: In Mark, however, the confession is evoked not by miraculous signs, but by Jesus very death, when the centurion heard his cry and saw how he died. The confession the Son of God is causally linked to the death of Jesus on the cross (John 8:28). In 1 Corinthians 1:14, a member of the Church of Corinth, baptized by St. Paul, who points out that in his case, as in the case ofCrispusand in that of the household of Stephanas, he thus deviated from his usual practice. Proud member 3. Gaius probably had some position in Diotrephes church, and he would have been a godly leader in his church. I will say to him, "Father, I have sinned against heaven. The Bible is filled with words that can be confusing to a 21st-centuryaudience. The biblical character Gaius was a traveling companion of the apostle Paul. ga'-yus (Gaios; Westcott and Hort, The New Testament in Greek, Gaios): (1) The Gaius to whom 3 Joh is addressed. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. "Entry for 'GAIUS'". They paid him back during a mutiny by murdering him. Of all those who would have confessed Jesus as the Son of God (including his disciples), why only record it on the lips of a Roman centurion? He is an elder and he seeks to lead his local fellowship in the truth. Gaius was a godly Christian who was a friend of his. Aristarchus was of Macedonia, Gaius was of Thessalonica, and both men were Greek Macedonians. Aristarchus and Gaius were also listed as traveling companions of Paul in the Corinth greeting to Rome. A Christian of Derbe, one of the group waiting for Paul at Troas ( Acts 20:4 ). of What does sardine stone mean in the Bible. He is also mentioned in the Philippians and Philemon letters, and his relationship with Paul is well documented. Later, Aristarchus returned with Paul from Greece to Asia (Acts 20:4). Gaius may be the bishop of Pergamum, but we cannot know for certain. (, Of Derbe. Nevertheless, we know that two Gaiuses are recorded in the Bible, and both were evangelically generous. Everything points to the identification of1and2. Various paths led to becoming a centurion. But something in this crucifixionin the very weakness and suffering of Jesus deathbecomes revelatory. Gaius to Alphaeus and Elisheva. Yet another centurion is mentioned in Acts 10. They apparently were the delegates from the churches who went with Paul to Jerusalem with the collection. get answers to your Bible questions from 50+ resources ($2,400+ value! Luke 7:2-8 Your email address will not be published. Zavada, Jack. If youve read through the gospel of Mark youve likely scratched your head at the many times where Jesus tells people to keep silent about his role as Messiah or his identity as the Son of God. Share. Johns third epistle is addressed to Christian of this name. The role they play in the Bible is to show that Christ is saving all types of men and women. Make me like one of your hired workers.". Diotrephes, a local leader, would have read the letter to the church members. But the poor widow woman has nothing to offer. (, Of Corinth, whom Paul baptized and who was his host in his second journey in that city. Posted On 7, 2022. Cornelius is a god-fearing man but has a misunderstanding of the gospel. The elder unto the well-beloved Gaius Gaius, or, according to the Latin orthography, Caius, was a common name among the Romans. 2d, A Gaius of Derbe, a . We may possibly identify him with No. Since Season 1, most of us have been suspecting that Gaius would play the role of the Centurion with a sick servant who gets healed by Jesus, but The Chosen Season 3 all but confirms it. In the early years of the Roman Republic, centurions might be rewarded with a tract of land in Italy when their term of service was finished, but over the centuries, as the best land had all been parceled out, some received only worthless, rocky plots on hillsides. As Paul wrote this epistle from Corinth, it is probable that this Gaius is identical with (5). He has been identified by some with the Gaius mentioned in the Apostolical Constitutions (VII, 46), as having been appointed bishop of Pergamum by John. All rights reserved. As a result, his name remains enshrined in holy writ. God specifically called Peter to go to Cornelius, he helped him see that the gospel caused that which was unclean to become clean, and that the Spirit was given indiscriminately to all those who had faith in Jesus. Of Corinth, whom Paul baptized and who was his host in his second journey in that city. He was a member of a team called the Church. What Does It Really Mean That Your Body Is a Temple? John also praised Gaius in the book of Acts. He was baptized by Paul in Corinth (1Cor 1:14) and likely supported the apostles position during the church disputes there. Some were appointed by the Senate or emperor or elected by their comrades, but most were enlisted men promoted through the ranks after 15 to 20 years of service. Johns third epistle is addressed to Christian of this name. Retrieved from New International Version (NIV). The Bible describes Gaius as a traveling companion in Acts 19:29 and 20:4 and the apostle mentions him as a kind and generous person. You may unsubscribe from Bible Gateways emails at any time. Gaius is the Greek spelling for the male Roman name Caius, a figure in the New Testament of the Bible. Get the BEST VALUE in digital Bible study as you prepare for Easter. He is well-loved and a faithful friend. GAIUS. He went with Paul from Corinth in his last journey to Jerusalem. The third missionary journey of Paul includes Gaius. In this reading, you will note four wonderful things that are said of this good man Gaius:. Gaiuss generosity showed that he cared for the growth of the whole Christian church. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Gaius, a godly Christian leader in the Bible, was a faithful Christian who did good works for the church. The lesson is found in John's short letter to Gaius (known as the 3rd epistle of John). Was Jesus Questioned by Quintus in the Bible, What Does Transgression Mean in the Bible, Who Wrote the Book of Proverbs in the Bible, What Does the Bible Say About Seasons in Your Life, Who Was the Longest Living Person in the Bible, Can You Read the Bible in Chronological Order, What Are the Books of Wisdom in the Bible, Where Are the 3 Heavens Mentioned in the Bible. As a fellow elder, a witness of Christ's sufferings, and a partaker of the glory to be revealed, I appeal to the elders among you: 1 John 3:18. According to a fifth century text on the Roman military, a centurion was required to have numerous elite traits: The centurion in the infantry is chosen for his size, strength and dexterity in throwing his missile weapons and for his skill in the use of his sword and shield; in short for his expertness in all the exercises. However, Gaius was not without controversy. It is this posture, driven by the centurions faith, that leads to the healing of his servant. Sign up now for the latest news and deals from Bible Gateway! We do not see them approaching Jesus (or his disciples) with their power but with their curiosity, and on occasion with an astonishing amount of faith. get answers to your Bible questions from 50+ resources ($2,400+ value! Article Images Copyright 2023 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated. It also implies a love that is unconditional. 5. Discipline was harsh in the ancient Roman army. Some would identify him with the Titius Justus of Acts 18:7. In 1 Corinthians 1:14, a member of the Church of Corinth, baptized by St. Paul, who points out that in his case, as in the case of Crispus and in that of 'the household . Smith's Bible Dictionary - Gaius. The Bible provides us with a short biography of Gaius, which is an excellent source for learning about this character. One chapter later, Gaius who has a residence in Derbe is named as one of Pauls seven traveling companions who waited for him at Troas (Acts 20:4). Roman centurions certainly would have been at home in the ways of power and authority. He went with Paul from Corinth in his last journey to Jerusalem. The actions of children affect others and their parents. A Christian, Gaius is mentioned in Macedonia as a traveling companion of Paul, along with Aristarchus (Acts 19:29). Gaius is a Roman centurion and a former associate of Matthew. They had decided to do this as a means of self-preservation, because arriving before Caesar without all the prisoners would have meant their own death. That man's faith in Christ was so strong that Jesus healed the servant from a great distance (Matthew 8:513). According to tradition this Gaius may be the one whom John appointed as bishop of Pergamum. Gaius [G'ius]i am glad. In the history of the Acts and in the epistles we meet with five persons of this name. It is heartbreaking when a child doesnt follow the Lord. (2) Gaius of Macedonia, a "companion in travel" of Paul (Acts 19:29). The apostle also understood that generosity has many benefits. Yet, they approached in humility. What does it mean when gnats are in your house? If you are a Gentile believer in Christ, its not too big of a stretch to say that the Roman centurion Cornelius paved the way for your social acceptance into the people of God. And its found on the lips of this unexpected Gentile military commander. He is a figure in the New Testament of the Bible. Was Gaius a Roman soldier in the Bible? The identity of the unnamed soldier in this verse has captured the Christian imagination for centuries. USE CODE SNIPE25 at checkout For up to 25% OFF!CONNECT WITH US: DONATE HERE: SEND US MAIL! This would have been a difficult ask for both Cornelius and Peter. - 627 S JAMES M CAMPBELL BLVD # 415 Columbia TN 38401Instagram: : Contact@mysnipesolutions.comLINKS USED IN THE DESCRIPTION MAY OR MAY NOT BE AFFILIATE LINKS John wrote a letter to Gaius. germanfest muenster, tx 2022. At the time of Christ, most carried a gladius, asword 18 to 24 inches long with a cup-shaped pommel. This is rather astonishing because up to this point in the narrative Jesus has not healed anyone from a distance. His generosity was exemplary and was recorded throughout the church. His generosity extended to those who were strangers to the Christian community. For example, it is a good way to encourage people to give to those in need. One centurion named Lucilius was nicknamed Cedo Alteram, which means Fetch me another, because he was fond of breaking his cane over soldiers backs. Emendations of the text have been suggested by which of Derbe is taken with Timothy, but these are purely conjectural, and Timothy was apparently a Lystran (Acts 16:1-2). Jack Zavada is a writer who covers the Bible, theology, and other Christianity topics. Home; About Us. {"@context":"","@graph":[{"@type":["Person","Organization"],"@id":"","name":"Akinyemi","sameAs":[""]},{"@type":"WebSite","@id":"","url":"","name":"Akinyemi","publisher":{"@id":""},"inLanguage":"en-US"},{"@type":"WebPage","@id":"","url":"","name":"Who Is Gaius in the Bible? A Christian, Gaius is mentioned in Macedonia as a traveling companion of Paul, along with Aristarchus ( Acts 19:29 ). He is given the name Longinus in the apocryphal Acts of Pilate which is part of the so-called Gospel of Nicodemus (which also gives the names of the two thieves crucified with Our Lord as Dismas and Gestas). In Acts 27, God (through an angel) revealed to Paul that he would survive his travel and speak before Caesar. He is spoken of as "the beloved" (3John 1:1,2,5,11), "walking in the truth" (3John 1:3,4), and doing "a faithful work" "toward them that are brethren and strangers withal" (3John 1:5,6).He has been identified by some with the Gaius mentioned in the Apostolical Constitutions . (2021, September 5). His leadership of the church required teamwork. In fact, Luke will highlight this point by pairing this centurion with a poor widow woman. 54.) The name Gaius (, Caius), which were a common Roman name, were mentioned five times in the New Testament, of three or four men. Cookies collect information about your preferences and your device and are used to make the site work as you expect it to, to understand how you interact with the site, and to show advertisements that are targeted to your interests. 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