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It closed after an issue with underage drinking was reported in 2009, before re-opening as Electric Brixton. Went to all of them, I think Turnmills shades it for me for atmosphere, but I probably had my best nights out at the End. It became louder and louder. Im rambling anyway. Nice read Scary thought that Ive actually worked at all of them!!! Enjoyed the trip into nostalgia very much.. It closed in 2010 to make way for housing, flats and a theatre, in a high street regeneration scheme. I will never forget it. With increasing interest in the 'pink pound', gay pubs and clubs proliferated in London and other cities and towns across the country. Today the building is, quite fittingly, home to an arts organisation with new plans afoot to take the arts venue into the future. I remember Bagleys that was a long time ago. At that time the venue was owned by Terry (cant rememember his surname) and hed made his money from jiffy condoms and then for some reason he got involved with starting up bagleys as a venue We also may change the frequency you receive our emails from us in order to keep you up to date and give you the best relevant information possible. Mass was a particularly important south London club, notably as the home of DMZ, which turned the venue into a pilgrimage spot for dubstep fans from way beyond the capital. The likes of Oasis and Nirvana played there and it hosted regular LGBT club nights. It is quite sad seeing a place that holds so many memories for whatever reasons e.g. Sir Bob Geldof had his stag do at Limelight before he married Paula Yates in 1986. Pete x. Im good thanks Pete. At the Astoria I met a bloke who ended up being my significant other for a decade. Joe Blogs, Great article Tom and indeed sad loss for Londons once outstanding clubland. Fantastic times. Between 1987 and 1990, when police pressure forced its closure, Shoom was where the London dance club as we know it today was born. To order the clip clean and high res visit My walk to work takes me past what used to to be the entrance to Turnmills every morning it never fails to bring a smile to my face when I think of the good times I had there. Here are some of the South London clubs and bars that are sadly no more. Lots of good memories but it was living on borrowed time even back then in the early 00s. Then Dane Bowers went and ruined it all. Wednesday 10 June 2015. Its sudden closure came as a big shock to staff and owners; Network Rail turned up with angle grinders, cut through the metal shutters and took possession of the venue so it could go ahead with its station upgrade plans. Simon brought the three nights that were being run at Sublime, Beatfix, Cargo and Voodoo and moved its DJs (including Peewee Ferris, Nik Fish, Craig Obey, Bexta and Kate Monroe) into Home's Friday night. Great memories though. The award-winning print and online title Kentishtowner was founded in 2010 and is part of London Belongs To Me, a citywide network of travel guides for locals. Must be sat looking pretty on a fair few coffee tables to this day, The cross & turnmills, nothing did or has come close. Stir some memories with these photographs from the '90s Birmingham club and rave scene. Open till 5am and with no alcohol license, this, more than any other London club, marked the end of the sticky carpets and flock wallpaper design of clubs in the capital and triggered the beginning of nightspots being seen as somewhere to dance rather than a place to get hammered and attempt to grope members of the opposite sex. Bring your dancing shoes and prepare for a night packed with tunes from the likes of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Beyonce and Jay-Z as we introduce the best R&B events . Despite a big campaign to save it, the club fell victim to a compulsory purchase order from Hackney council to build a new cinema. Its a hardback coffee table monster, full of lovely photos and quotes. OMG London clubbing in the 90s, was there ever a time in history that was better? Home. The importance of the issue has been recognised in the Mayor of London's decision to appoint a Night Tsar with responsibility for the night-time economy and the debate surrounding the 2016 closure, and subsequent reopening, of Fabric one of London's most famous clubs. There was no place to hide. I would work a ten hour shift at a newspaper then drive to Bagleys to spend 5/6 hours talking to ravers, taking photos of people, checking they werent eating their tongues and giving out free condoms (Durex sponsors had given us hundreds of boxes of the things). I DJed at the Cross 13th birthday and was given a copy of the book on my way out. The Blitz Kids were the gang who unofficially ran the club, with members included Gary and Martin Kemp from Spandau, dance choreographer supremo-to-be Michael Clark and Siobhan Fahey (later of Bananarama). Its hours ran from 3am to 1pm on a Sunday afternoon, handily catering to the predominantly gay crowd who wanted to carry on partying after clubs like G-A-Y and Heaven closed. It was one of the premiere south London nightspots of the time, with Glenn Miller, Audrey Hepburn and Charlie Chaplin among the top names to grace its stage. Memories of its glamorous showbiz past as one of the places to be seen in London in the 1980s echo around through the wall of this beautiful piece of architecture. So while we salute the nightspots that have weathered the Covid storm, lets now recall the clubs that have fallen, not just during the pandemic but way, way before that, all of whom, in their day, contributed to the aching limbs, sore feet and empty wallets of hedonistic Londoners of yore. Memorable days and nights. Wonderful write up of some of the clubs that paved the way for the scene today. However, a thumping set and fab laser show by the master PVD at the re-invented Fridge aka Electric Brixton a while ago demonstrated, with the right amount of desire, opportunity and application it can still be done. I was there at the closing parties on the last two nights without leaving! Nice article Tom, brought back some great memories. But if you were part of that tiny privileged crowd then you would have been drinking, dancing and pestering David Bailey to take your portrait in Scotch of St. James. It had its licence revoked after a "serious incident of disorder" in 2014 and its closure left many Londoners with heavy hearts. Matter, Greenwich2008-2010It was perhaps always a slightly over-optimistic proposition opening a nightclub in Greenwich, let alone one inside the Millennium Dome, but if anyone was going to have a good stab at it, then it would be the pair behind Fabric: Cameron Leslie and Keith Reilly. Losing those places feels like losing a family member never to return. In the early 2000s it incorporated the successful Pitt Street club Sublime in the late 1990s, run by Simon Page. We do have to move on though and surely there are opportunities for a new generation of people who want to create new nightclub venues, with fresh ideas. We took a nostalgic look back at some of the capital's notorious nightclubs which have all closed since 2000. Or many others, would not stop writing and remembering about them. morning, Available for everyone, funded by readers. Memories from each venue for sure. Surely he must be out by now. Peter Gatien is mentioned in the lyrics of three songs: 17. 9. Crazy night. Great article. I have one precious copy, sadly. Peter Gatien's daughter Jen Gatien made a documentary called Limelight in 2011, about New York City night life in the 1990s and the rise and fall of her father's club empire. So sad to see it all boarded up. In one fell swoop, however, the Cross, Canvas and the Key were culled in favour of the regeneration of Kings Cross. As you pointed out Fabric is the benchmark for a well organised, respected, profitable club in the modern era but you only have to look at the demise of Pacha to see what a dangerous game financially it is nowadays. Its the perfect lunchtime read. Pre-club beers in the Backpacker, I was never really that keen on Turmills as I felt the space was a little awkward. Boy George worked the cloakrooms, Spandau Ballet played their early gigs here and you simply (for better or worse) would never have heard Ultravox or Visage were it not for the Blitz Club. Electric benefits from the amazing history of the Fridge. Weve picked our Top 5 such venues, all of which were in stumble-home-from distance for Kentishtowners (thats why theres no Club UK for example, if youre wondering). For more news and featuresabout London directly to your inbox sign up to our newsletter here. Copyright 2023 London Belongs To Me Ltd|All Rights Reserved|More info: With your agreement, we and our partners (click on 'Find Out More' below for a list) use cookies or similar technologies to store, access, and process personal data like your visit on this website, IP addresses and cookie identifiers. After all they shaped todays society in one way or another. Its industrial settings and position in the centre of London made it a unique offering. Nuff Said. Our journalists cover all the news you need - from City Hall to your local streets, so you'll never miss a moment. By the 1990s gay venues across the country started to transform. Despite quality residencies from the likes of Hospitality and a body kinetic dance floor, the club eventually closed due to financial difficulties, blamed on delays with the upgrade to the Jubilee line. We also may change the frequency you receive our emails from us in order to keep you up to date and give you the best relevant information possible. London's night-time economy is estimated to contribute in . We use your sign-up to provide content in the ways you've consented to and improve our understanding of you. Something went wrong, please try again later. club uk was awesome, so was the complex, leisure lounge, the cross, turnmills, home in leciester square, camden palace, ku club in leicester square.. All gone I was there though so the memories stay ! Councils across London are cracking down on late night licences. Boy George was a regular at this New Romantics haunt which hosted some of the capital's biggest gay nights. In the 1990s, the scene reverted back to Soho, revitalised by new style bars like The Village. Many a themed student bash was hosted at London Bridge's notorious Cable Club in the mid 2000s. Fantastic to look through it every so often and remember what wasa very much loved and much missed club . I completely agree would be a fitting tribute to see them all immortalised appropriately in some way. I remember me and my brother went up to Soundshaft one night (I was about 22), with, erm, a couple of associates.. migrated from the Milk Bar around the corner, Danny Rampling ruled wednesday night, and Jon Pleased took over the tradition.Shoom, Pure, Glam, Pleased the weekends fun used to begin on a wednesday,,,,OMG !! Glad to have been part of that London dance scene. The place declined to the point that, by the 1980s, it was a strip club but was bought out and re-styled as a members only A-list speakeasy in 2012, now attracting Noel Gallagher, Mark Ronson, Harry Styles et al. but it went wrong after the terrible stabbing on a bank holiday sunday night. Lashana Lynch: Its inspiring to see a young black woman on screen not be perfect, The biggest films coming out in 2023 and when theyll be released, Bulgari to open Serpenti exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. It had to close due to Network Rail redevelopment in 2013. Madame JoJo's closure was a massive blow to Soho 's nightlife scene. "Harlem Desire '89". This article was amended on 11 September 2016. It later became the Cat's Whiskers club, the Ritzy then Caesars Nightclub. Great article. You'll get 12 stories straight to your inbox at around 12pm. 10. Zen's Dartford First Flicks in the 1980s and later Zen's, the nightclub on Essex Road was more recently known as Air & Breathe. Velvet Rooms on Mondays was one of the only places to continue getting even more spangled Wicked. We list 18 things you might not know about the Limelight club, the building it was in and its links to the US. Former DJ Magazine Deputy Editor Tom Kihl investigates what happened to the clubs that once dominated London's nightlife. The West End establishment started out as a burlesque club but later became a staple for Central London's "fringe-culture" community. The very social cafe upstairs, the dense dry-ice on the main floor with the mesmerising lasers, hottest guys, new bizarre sounds, the knowledge that the rest of England was sleeping and had no idea that such hedonism was taking place on a Sunday morning and night (you missed out Warriors) all fuelled after an initial polite and orderly wait in line to see Nick (is he out yet?) I will never stop thinking it was incredible. 3. 4. how about PLEASED on a wednesday at the Velvet underground !!! Throughout the 90s and 00s the venue attracted party-lovers from far and wide and also played host to a number of big-name acts. Redferns/Getty Images . But sadly it never recovered from the initial closure and was put up for sale in 2010. All rights reserved. If you were staggering down the Clerkenwell Road on a Sunday afternoon at around 4pm in the early '90s then you can consider yourself a true nightclub pioneer. Finally closing after 18 years in 2008, Trade never again found a permanent home as Turnmills itself was demolished; the site is now home to the most anonymous possible looking corner office block. The first Limelight club opened in Hallendale, Florida in the 1970s and after a devastating fire later that decade, Gatien opened his next Limelight venue in Atlanta. Find out what is now open where you live by putting your postcode into our handy widget below. RM 2HTCTTN - Ace Cinema, Alexandra Avenue, Rayners Lane, Harrow, London, 1983. Real friendships were made, some that lasted a few hours and some, decades. Oh, the most impressive handlebar tash I have ever seen on a Man. -d(-L-)b-. A perfect storm of London property economics, redevelopment zones and major transport improvements (rather than any lack of interest from music fans) has seen off an unprecedented number of key venues in the last few years. The five-storey building is rather wonderfully detailed inside and out. He was about 50 years old and massive. Hilarious times. I do remember my first time in Trade and deemed it like the descent into Soddom and Gomorrah .. and there were many happy times there after!! No Bar Rumba though? Plastic People, Shoreditch2000-2015The new year started with a shock for clubbers, when renowned east London bass-cave Plastic People announced it was closing, pretty much instantly. Special times in special places all round though. With the post-lockdown future of so many live music venues in doubt, Paul Tallings new book is a timely reminder of what we have already lost. the cross in king cross the best partyever is vertigo italian style, thanks Joel glad you like Electric and the Van Dyk show smashed it. Its a shame that the ones boarded up or abandoned arent brought back to life. He looked down at me, then to my brother, we both leant forward in unison, looked at each other, as if to say Have you seen this, dude? and then back up at him. A great article , and so sad that many of these truly iconic places may be but a memory in the minds of millions . I found some of the pictures a couple of weeks ago including some rather x-rated ones. Velvet Rooms, Soho1993-2003Ibiza party man Nicky Holloway kickstarted this central London club originally named Velvet Underground after his previous project, Milk Bar, lost its lease. In the 90s, it was all about wild weekly. In the past 15 years, some of best-loved venues of the London club scene have shut their doors, for reasons ranging from crime to gentrification and Crossrail. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Wow. Getting lost Turnmills, Clerkenwell1990-2008Another one of Londons fossilised superclubs, Turnmills was the first venue in the UK to get a 24-hour dance licence. Killjoy councils, student debt and stolen phones: the slow death of British clubs, Original reporting and incisive analysis, direct from the Guardian every morning. The huge venue, which filled six arches, brought a Balearic party vibe to a run-down corner of London, with club nights including Glitterati and Cheeky People. I am now all grown up at 42 with a respectable job and look like I am, a middle aged mum. Ask Billy if there are more? Regulars over the years have included Michael Caine, Keith Moon and Jack Nicholson. Paul Tunkin, who ran the club night Blow Up, which took over the running of the venue in 2001, significantly raising its profile, said at the time: It is another nail in the coffin for central Londons live music and club scene.. If you were staggering down the Clerkenwell Road on a Sunday afternoon at around 4pm in the early 90s then you can consider yourself a true nightclub pioneer. The music, the mixing, the vibe. When a property developer came along offering to buy the End and its sister bar next door, AKA, they decided to accept the offer. A former Goth club with 2/3 rooms over 2 floors. The sad fact of the matter is that there aren't the same options there used to be. Limelight in London opened in 1985 in a Grade II listed former Welsh Presbyterian church in Shaftsbury Avenue in the West End borough of Westminster. I think the concern is that given the way that redevelopment is happening across town, one day soon there wont be any suitable spaces where clubs can settle. As of today, we can once again form outdoor queues seemingly without point or purpose, lose our cloakroom tickets and get furiously sweaty to throbbing, seductive and oft just downright filthy beats in darkened rooms until the earliest of hours. A string of London's best-loved night clubs have closed since 2000. Rather than join the party, Hackney council revoked the clubs licence following an undercover operation into drug dealing at the venue. Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right. 18. Remaining stock was given away free at the apocalyptically hedonistic farewell party so they do crop up online occasionally. musical boundaries being broken, relationships being formed, inspiration etc, is then taken and truned into something else. The gay scene in London has always been centred around the West End, especially Soho. In 1987, Rachel Macmillan, granddaughter of the Conservative prime minister Howard Macmillan, died aged 31 after a night at the Limelight. The End and AKA, West End1995-2009A venue that just seemed to stick in the hearts of all who frequented it, the End was an intimate basement club run by Mr C and Layo, tucked just behind High Holborn. Big small club! The Astor Club was a nightclub which operated in Mayfair, London from the 1930s to the late 1970s. Have to confess my favorites were Frantic at the Academy, and The Fridge. Hey Janine, I remember you well!

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